LIVIZA Re-Bar Accessories is a manufacturer and supplier of ASTM A193 Grade U Bolts as per ASME B18.31.5 dimension standards. These U bolts are produced in round bend with black phosphate, zinc plating, hot dip galvanizing or zinc flake coating. Liviza U bolts are used with 2 or 4 units of hex nuts preferable to A194 Grade 2H specification. We offer U-bolt sets in metric and imperial sizes with coarse, fine or extra fine threads.



LIVIZA U-bolt is a type of screw in the shape of the letter U with threaded ends that is used to clamp or secure components together. U-bolts are not normally used when overlapping reinforcing bars. Reinforcing bar overlap refers to the overlapping of two reinforcing bars (rebars) to create a continuous length of reinforcement in concrete structures.

Techniques such as binding wire, welding or the use of mechanical reinforcement couplers are more common for joining or securing rebar overlaps. These methods ensure the structural integrity and strength of the concrete reinforcement. They provide a reliable and efficient means of connecting rebar without the need for threading or welding.


In concrete construction, especially in structures such as columns and piers, large cages of reinforcing bars are often used to provide additional strength and stability. These cages consist of vertical and horizontal reinforcing bars arranged in a grid-like pattern and connected at the intersection points to form a cage structure. Cage connection brackets are used at these intersections to hold the bars securely in place and ensure the integrity of the cage during pouring and curing of the concrete.


Using cage splicing U-bolts helps ensure that the reinforcing bars remain properly aligned and connected, contributing to the overall strength and durability of the concrete structure. They provide a reliable and efficient solution for joining rebar cages in construction projects.