Plywood/ Shuttering Plywood

The shuttering plywood is plywood that is highly densified with sleek film from both sides of its face and it is mainly utilized for the construction works for setting up the ceiling and holding the cement. Shuttering Plywood Used for shuttering or pouring concrete into moulds. Due to the properties of shuttering plywood it is weather resistant.

This pattern provides this plywood with additional strength so that it can handle the heavy load of concrete mixture and the iron roads of the ceiling.

18mm & 12mm Waterproof Plywood

Shuttering Plywood price in Bangladesh

Street Lights / Lighting Post

A street light, light pole, lamppost, street lamp, light standard, or lamp standard is a raised source of light on the edge of a road or path

We are devoted towards offering a qualitative Street Light Pole Fabrication Service, as per client’s precise need and requirements.

Cable Tray

A type of construction material used to hold courses, cables, and wires safely inside of the building is called cable trays. These cable trays yield installers to route these wires inside of a shaped path, as objected to permitting them to keep running over the roof space and dividers uncovered. The trays can manage security wires or electrical, information transfers, nearby by a method for whatever another type of electric cables important inside the structure.

Cable Tray price in Bangladesh
Cable Tray price in bd

Materials are available in Stainless, Carbon Steel with Hot Dipped Galvanized or Powder Coating finish and non-ferrous material like FRP and Aluminum. Our cable support includes strut channels, concrete insert, cantilever arms, trapeze and brackets.

Highway Guardrail

Highway guardrail, considered as a passive barrier, is widely installed to keep the vehicles running inside of road

Highway Guardrail provider in Bangladesh


Drain grating is made of bearing bars and cross bars arranged at a certain interval , welded on a high-voltage resistance machine, and processed by cutting, opening, edging and other processes to form the finished product required by customers.


Hot Galvanized


Product Application

Petrochemical industry, power plants, waterworks, sewage treatment plants, municipal works,sanitation projects in platforms, corridors, bridge, ditch cover, covers, ladders, fences, rails, and so on

Product Features

High strength

Light structure

High bearing

best scaffolding company in Bangladesh
best scaffolding company in bd

Anchor Bolt/ L Bolt

Anchor bolt of size 1/2 in x 8 in, features low carbon steel construction. It comes with nuts and cut washers for easy installation. Bolt provides anchorage for lightweight post bases and concrete.

Specify diameter, overall length, bend length, steel type and length of threads. Available in Stainless Steel, Hot Dip Galvanized and Plain Steel.

Anchor Bolt price in Bangladesh

MS Anchor Bolt, L-Bolts

L Bolts price in Bangladesh

Monkey Ladder/ Ladder/ Stair

Design for renovation works & renovation works & industrial application where double the access height is required. Scaffolding monkey Ladder is precisely-designed by experts using quality assured raw-material and progressive technology in synchronization with industry quality standards. Offered range is well tested on varied parameters of quality to maintain quality standard. This product can be available in different specification and can be customized as request of clients

Scaffolding Top Guard Rail / Railing at Top
Worker safety is critical for installing our guard rails around any top areas, construction sites, offices, picking locations, and machinery will protect your workers and equipment from costly damage. The guard rail systems are easily installed. Top guard railing is an economical way to avoid costly and dangerous accident impacts

Security Fence

Installing a fence can bring peace of mind that a business is safe and secure. By including some additional design elements or add-on materials, helps to ensure that the fence is effective in keeping unwanted visitors off the property. Chain Link Fences. Mesh Size Choose a mesh size that will help to deter 

Security Fence price in Bangladesh

Scaffold Beam Ladder

Ladder Beams provide an access opening within scaffolding set ups to allow for material handling on site. LIVIZA manufactures beams for a variety of applications, including bridging, strengthening, roofing and cantilevered working platform.

Concrete Hopper

Concrete Hopper price in Bangladesh

Safety Shelter

Safety Shelter price in Bangladesh

Potable Bed

Steel Bunk Bed (Portable System) with Low coasting, Heavy Duty & Easy Shifting. Long guard bar is arranged on the top tier, safer in a degree. Steel frame base, strong with good stability.

Potable Bed price in Bangladesh

Mobile Scaffolding/ Mini Mobile Scaffolding

The LIVIZA Mobile scaffold towers provide you with mobile scaffolding solutions for quick and safe erection. Mobile & Fixing Scaffolding refers to a type of scaffolding system that can easily move from one spot to another with Proper guard rail & Wheel with lock system, Mobile scaffolding tower Available in Bangladesh.

Mobile Scaffolding price in Bangladesh

Bridge Railing Systems

bridge railing system’s primary function is to provide public safety along the length and edges of the bridge. Guardrails for bridges are located prominently to make the public stay ready and protected during their drive through bridges. These railings keep the traffic inside the limits as well as enhance the aesthetics of the bridge.

LIVIZA installs bridge railing systems, handrail systems, and fabricated bridge fences.

Bridge Railing Systems provider in Bangladesh
Bridge Railing Systems provider in Bangladesh

Frame Scaffolding
Liviza scaffolding is one of the most widely used formwork systems for its simplicity to assemble, lightweight and ability to provide high strength and safety. The basic unit is a frame, used in conjunction with base jacks, crossbrace, joint pins, catwalk, steel tube and couplers. Manufactured from structural carbon steel, the components can be easily handled by workers. The Liviza system can be used to formulate a comprehensive formwork system (i.e. support for concrete slab or flyover) as well as a simple access and rolling tower. Additionally, for any situation where a low support load is required but the area is too small for the standard frame supports.
Scaffolding H Frame are ideal as scaffolding for wall plastering and support staging for centering of high slabs. Connected by cross Bracing of tube. Our scaffolding are known for dimensional accuracy, robust construction and longer service life.

frame scaffolding price in Bangladesh

Tuber Scaffolding

Tube and clamp scaffold (commonly called tube and coupler scaffold) is a versatile type of scaffold consisting of steel tubes and clamps.

we also provide aluminum ladder in Bangladesh.

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