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Steel Shutter/ Centering plats

Centering plates or shuttering plates are used for supporting items for the construction of floors, beams, slabs, Column and Wall, among other construction activities.

Adjustable Steel forms is a temporary setup for storing concrete until it sets. Steel is a perfect material for making formwork because it will never bend or warp while pouring concrete.

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Base Plate

Base Plate is used to be Inserted into the bottom end of the Scaffold Pole (Standards). Socket Base Plate is used to as Socket of Universal Jacks, Scaffold Poles.

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Scaffolding Caster Wheel / Mobile Scaffolding

A wide variety of heavy duty mobile adjustable scaffolding caster wheel lock system. We Test Scaffold Caster Wheel Load Capacity To Each Of Your Order to Ensure Safety Uses In Interior & Exterior Scaffolding Construction Projects.
LIVIZA Scaffold Caster Wheel, Rubber or Nylon Scaffold Caster with Heavy, Medium & Light Duty.

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Scaffolding Lock Pin

Galvanized Scaffolding Lock Pin 12mm

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Vibratory Sand Screening Machine

Vibratory Sand Screening Machine, This semi-automatic machine with a vibratory motor is driven by a powerful motor.

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