Concrete Uni Pavers/ Paver Blocks

LIVIZA Pavers are manufactured as per IS 15658:2006 specification. We offer quality range of Liviza Zig Zag finish paver; Brick finish Paver, Dumbbell finish Paver Blocks & 3D Design Paver, which is widely available in various shapes, thickness and colors in specifications of 60 mm to 100 mm thicknesses, with M-35 to M-50 concrete strength as per clients’ specific requirements. 

Industrial and Matt finish pavers are available in 60 to 100mm thickness.  Which are manufactured using quality raw material and have strength up to M-50 Grade concrete. They are strong and suitable for go downs, Industrial estates, factories, warehouses etc.

The Uni-Pavers shape paired with the color & texture options of this paver make it one of the most creatively flexible modern style pavers for walkway, parks, sidewalks, as well as landscape design.


Our concrete paving block materials was designed to have all the physical and chemical resistance characteristics of high quality law materials.

Various Shape of Concrete Pavers:

Zig Zag Paver 

Zig Zag Paver suppliers in Bangladesh
Zig Zag Paver suppliers in BD
Zig Zag Paver price in Bangladesh

                                                          I Shape Paver 

I Shape Paver suppliers in Bangladesh

                                                    Glossy Paver Blocks

Glossy Paver Block supplier in Bangladesh

                                               Rectangular Brick Paver

Rectangular Brick Paver suppliers in Bangladesh

                                                        Dumbbell Paver

Dumbbell Paver supplier in Bangladesh

                                                              3D Paver

3D Paver suppliers in Bangladesh

                                                 Arrow Concrete Pavers

Arrow Concrete Paver suppliers in Bangladesh

                                                Daimond Shave Paver

Daimond Shave Paver suppliers in Bangladesh

Grass Paver

Grass pavers are hollow pavers used for the construction of permeable pavements and manufactured by M-30 grade of Concrete using vibrio compaction process. Grass pavers are widely used for Commercial, Residential and Erosion Control Purposes. Concrete Erosion Control Block is basically and mainly using people to control erosion like soil erosion.

Grass Paver supplier in Bangladesh
Grass paver supplier in BD
zigzag paver supplier in Bangladesh

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