Quicklock Scaffolding

LIVIZA is one of the largest formwork and scaffolding manufacturer in Bangladesh. One of the most popular scaffolding we offer is quick lock scaffolding.

Liviza quick lock scaffolding is made up standard steel material. They are widely used to support slab beams and concrete walls by connecting the jack base and U head jack with high-load capacity quick lock scaffolding, and many more.

You can use Liviza quick lock scaffolding for construction such as modern construction building work, concrete construction work, masonry construction, building construction projects, and so on.

Aside from construction uses, you can also use Liviza quick lock scaffolding in scaffolding access tower, concrete formwork slab, and beam formwork support.

Our quick-lock scaffolding is available in various sizes and weights based on a competitive price. If you require your own sizes for quick lock scaffolding, Liviza quick lock scaffolding can be cut to your specified sizes.

LIVIZA quick lock scaffolding’s verticals and horizontals are made by a 48.3mm scaffold tube. Commonly, quick lock scaffolding vertical legs comes with disc rings that can be connected to the quick lock scaffolding horizontal. During concrete forming, it is convenient to compatible with all parts, beams, and accessories.

Our quick-lock scaffolding is easy to maintain, multi-functional, high-efficient, resist high load, safety, and reliability. For more information about our quick lock scaffolding, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away! Let us know your concerns so we could get started !

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