Cuplock Scaffolding

CUPLOK Scaffold is the world’s most widely used system scaffold. It is a fully painted multi-purpose steel scaffold system suitable for providing general access and supporting vertical loads. CUPLOK’s key feature is its unique circular node point which allows up to 4 horizontals to be connected to a vertical in a single fastening action – making it probably the fastest and safest system available.

Standard / Vertical Cuplock

Cuplock standards are manufactured from 48.3mm O.D. tube. They have cup joints at 500mm intervals. The captive mobile top cups are designed to endure rough site handling and welded bottom cups are made from high-quality steel. Integral spigots are provided at the top of each standard for making vertical connections. The spigots and the base of each standard incorporate 11/16mm dia. holes to enable use of locking pins to join standards where necessary.

Ledger / Horizontal Cuplock

The Ledgers are manufactured from 48.3mm O.D. tube with Mild steel blade ends which locate into bottom cups of the standards and are locked in place by the corresponding top cups. Ledgers are available in various lengths to provide the desired grid dimension for scaffolding or formwork.

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