LIVIZA Square grass pavers, also known as grass grids or grass reinforcement grids, are structural units that provide support and stability to lawns while allowing them to grow naturally. They’re commonly used in landscaping, parking lots, driveways and pathways to create stable surfaces that can accommodate pedestrian and vehicle traffic without damaging the turf.

LIVIZA paving stones usually have a grid-like structure with voids through which the grass can grow and intertwine with the paving stones. They’re available in concrete materials, each with their own advantages in terms of durability, permeability and environmental impact.

One of the main benefits of square grass pavers is their ability to mitigate problems such as soil erosion and compaction while maintaining the aesthetics of lawns. They promote healthier root growth by distributing weight evenly and reducing soil compaction from foot traffic and vehicles.

Installation usually involves preparing the ground, laying a base material like gravel or sand, placing the pavers, and then filling the voids with topsoil or gravel before seeding or installing sod. Proper installation ensures stability and longevity of the pavers while allowing for effective grass growth.

Overall, square grass pavers offer a sustainable solution for creating durable and eco-friendly surfaces in outdoor spaces.

LIVIZA Square Grass Pavers