LIVIZA RCC curbs typically refer to reinforced concrete curbs commonly used in the construction industry for curbs on roadsides, parking lots and other paved surfaces. These kerbs are made of concrete reinforced with steel bars to ensure strength and durability. They are used to delineate roadsides, form a barrier between pedestrian and vehicle areas and control rainwater runoff, among other things. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs to suit different applications and aesthetic preferences.

LIVIZA kerbs are manufactured using a wet concrete mix. In this method, the concrete mix is made with the correct ratio of cement, aggregates, water and sometimes additives for better workability or strength. The mixture is thoroughly mixed to achieve a uniform consistency.


Available Size: (Length * Height * Thickness)

1. 300*300*100 mm
2. 400*300*100 mm
3. 300*450*100 mm