Scaffolding Tube Steel Pipe

Scaffold Tube Pipe can be cut to any length and can be used as the basis of the tube and clamp scaffolding system. At Standard length 6 meter long and 48.3mm in diameter our industrial quality scaffolding tubes are either hot dip Galvanized or M.S Pipe or Anticorrosive paint(red oxide), tested to BUET and BSTI standards and can range in any length & thickness requested from 2.0 mm to 4.5 mm.

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Scaffolding Hollow Box
Scaffolding square tube in size 100x100mm, 100x50mm and 50x50mm for scaffolding beam and formwork slab support in construction. It is a type of mild steel scaffold square tubes. Steel Hollow Pipe Square Tube Scaffolding Beam is used as main beam, secondary beam, steel beam waler for construction concrete formwork system of beam formwork, wall formwork, table formwork, slab formwork, roof formwork, table formwork as floor support for film faced plywood, floors, platform, column support and waler fixing in concreting forms.

Scaffolding Hollow Box supplyer in Bangladesh

Scaffolding Ladder Beam

Ladder Beams provide an access opening within scaffolding set ups to allow for material handling on site. Ladder beams give you versatality to span over difficult access locations.

Scaffolding Ladder Beam supplyer in Bangladesh

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