“LIVIZA Interlocking Grass Pavers’’ likely refer to a type of landscaping or hardscaping material that combines the functionality of traditional interlocking pavers with the aesthetics of grass or vegetation. These pavers are designed to provide a durable surface for pedestrian or vehicular traffic while allowing grass or other vegetation to grow between the pavers’ joints, giving the paved area a natural and environmentally friendly appearance.

Here’s how grass pavers typically work:

1. Preparation of the subgrade: similar to the installation of regular interlocking pavers, the area is excavated and levelled to create a stable subgrade. This may mean removing the existing soil, adding a layer of gravel or crushed stone and compacting it to create a solid foundation.

2. Laying the paving stones: The interlocking pavers are then laid in the desired pattern. The pavers are designed to create open spaces or gaps between them where grass or plants can be planted.

3. Planting Grass: Once the pavers are in place, the open gaps or joints are filled with soil or a special growing medium. Grass seeds, turf, or other suitable vegetation is then planted in these gaps

4. Maintenance: Proper care and maintenance are crucial for the success of grass interlocking pavers. Regular watering, fertilization, and mowing are necessary to keep the grass or plants healthy and prevent weed growth

1. Benefits: Grass interlocking pavers offer several benefits, including improved aesthetics, reduced heat absorption compared to traditional paved surfaces, enhanced permeability, and the ability to create green spaces in urban or developed areas.

It’s important to note that the specific details and installation techniques for grass interlocking pavers may vary based on the manufacturer, region, and landscaping professional involved. If you’re considering using grass interlocking pavers for your project, it’s recommended to consult with a professional landscaper or hardscaping expert who can provide guidance based on your specific needs and location.

Interlocking Grass Pavers