Roof Tiles in Bangladesh

Liviza offers unique selection of high quality clay roof tiles. All of our tiles are made from processed natural clay. Over the decades, we are providing homeowners, architects, engineers and designers with widest selection of size, shape and color roofing tiles in Bangladesh. Face Brick makes any building look beautiful, of course, but face brick […]

Scaffolding Tie Rod

We are a manufacturer and supplier of Scaffolding Tie Rod. It is used for formwork with water stop, anchor tie nut, wing nut, steel cone formwork materials and accessories and also to form tie formwork system with form tie. We manufacture this rod, we use best quality mild steel, sourced from trusted vendors. Scaffolding Tie […]

Plastic PVC Chamfer Profile/Trim/Strip

Triangle remove the PVC corner products used in construction using a wooden cornice triangle. The negative is that when it comes out as a negative pole at the corner of the rail bridge footpath along the edge of the road embankment.

3D Arrow design for the paver block

LIVIZA Uni-Pavers comes with 3D Arrow design for the paver block industry. An effect that suits perfectly for design accents. The deceived game between light and shadow seems to transform surfaces into three-dimensional objects. 3D paving with its illusionary effect attracts every viewer.

Interlocking Concrete Pavers (Uni-Pavers)

LIVIZA@ Interlocking Concrete Pavers are available in several shapes that are ideal for a wide range of residential, urban road’s, municipal, and industrial pavement applications. LIVIZA Uni-Pavers available in an array of solid colors and blends of two or more colors. Custom colors and finishes may be produced by individual UNI manufacturers at their discretion. […]

কংক্রিট কাভার ব্লক – CC Block

লিভিজা কংক্রিট কাভার ব্লক বাংলাদেশের সর্বপ্রথম অত্যাধুনিক প্রযুক্তিতে প্রস্তুতকৃত কংক্রিট কাভার ব্লক । আর.সি.সি কাজে ক্লিয়ার কাভার বজায় রাখার জন্য রড ও সাটারিং/সেন্টারিং এর মধ্যে যে বিশেষ ধরনের ব্লক ব্যবহার করা হয় তা’ই কাভার ব্লক । লিভিজা কংক্রিট কাভার ব্লক- উন্নত মানের কংক্রিট কাভার ব্লক,যা স্থাপনায় রডের সঠিক ক্লিয়ার কাভার নিশ্চিত করতে ব্যবহার করা হয় […]

Plastic Pipe Sleeve and Cone for Tie Rod

Formwork Plastic Tube and Cone are used in Tie rod protecting pipe . The end is Plastic Cup or Plastic Cone. And the plastic tube with two pieces of the plastic cone on the both sides also called Plastic Sleeve. It is used to protect the Tie Rod and there are some different sizes and […]


Drain grating is made of bearing bars and crossbars arranged at a certain interval, welded on a high-voltage resistance machine. And processed by cutting, opening, edging, and other processes to form the finished product required by customers.Product Application Petrochemical industry, power plants, waterworks, sewage treatment plants, municipal works, sanitation projects in platforms, corridors, bridge, ditch […]

Plastic End Pipe Cap/ Pipe Protection Cap

Used to provide a temporary water and dirt seal at the end of a pipe. Useful for sealing road crossings laid prior to the main pipeline. Pipe End Caps are a quick, simple, cost effective and reliable product. Used to provide temporary water and dirt seal at the end of a plastic or metallic pipe. […]

Concrete Plastic/ PVC Spacer in Bangladesh

Plastic spacers Ensures concrete cover under low-stress Getting the right amount of concrete cover is essential for the durability of reinforced concrete structures. Spacers ensure this concrete cover before and during concreting. In the case of simple interior components, plastic spacers are a cost-effective alternative to the tried and tested fibre-reinforced concrete spacers and to […]