Rebar Protection Caps & Safety Strips

Without Rebar Protection Caps or Safety Strips exposed rebar ends such as protruding starter bars pose a serious threat to employees from cuts, scratches, scrapes and abrasions therefore many countries around the world have taken action to protect workers from this danger by enacting safety legislation that stipulates all exposed rebar ends must be covered.

As safety standards more and more important for contractors to comply with heightened safety standards and to maintain and ensure worker safety on site. For example the Construction safety handbook for bangladesh Government and Mega projects now clearly states that all protruding starter reinforcement bars must be protected to minimise and mitigate the risk of accidents, this can be done with Liviza Rebar Protection Caps.

Liviza Rebar Protection Caps over all Bangladesh

Liviza has long been a leader in providing products that not only meet but beat quality and safety standards and therefore we are now proud to add Liviza Rebar Safety Caps to our growing collection of construction products.

Description: mushroom caps for rebar

Description: Mushroom rebar protection caps

The Liviza Rebar Cap is an inexpensive, cost effective, reusable rebar safety cap that can help you to protect workers against serious injury from cuts and abrasion while working in proximity to sharp protruding rebar.

Our Liviza Rebar caps can help you to protect your workers from harm and fulfil safety requirements at very little cost.

Liviza Rebar Safety Caps

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