Grass Paver is an environmentally friendly permeable paving stone that promotes greenery and good drainage. They are designed to provide a stable surface for pedestrian and vehicular traffic while minimizing environmental impact.
Turf pavers are typically made of concrete and consist of a series of interconnected cells or voids. These cells are filled with soil or a mixture of soil and gravel and provide a growing medium for grass or other low-growing plants. The cells have openings or perforations through which water can drain, preventing runoff and promoting natural infiltration into the soil.
Stormwater management: grass pavers help reduce stormwater runoff by allowing water to infiltrate into the soil instead of flowing over paved surfaces. This can help prevent flooding and minimize stress on drainage systems.

Erosion control: the grass and vegetation that grow in the paving cells stabilize the soil and prevent erosion, especially on slopes or in areas prone to runoff.

Grass pavers are commonly used in a variety of settings, including parking lots, driveways, fire lanes, pedestrian walkways, and recreational areas. They offer an environmentally friendly solution that combines the advantages of paved surfaces with the ecological benefits of green areas.