LIVIZA Agro Care

In Biofloc technology, fish farming is a sustainable and profitable business and protects the ecological balance of many fish living together in a Biofloc system. Biofloc is an environmentally friendly method.

We specialize in a wide variety of ferro-cement or ferro concrete water tank for Biofloc & RAS system in different shapes and sizes to suit your unique, decorative and specific needs. Our water tanks are made with superior ferrocement technology and quality. We use reinforced with wire mesh, rebar, and fibers to made water tank.

Our water tank are cast ferrocement process prevents honey combs, form joint leakage, or cold joints from occurring in our products. All water troughs have a smooth and super slick finish. The beautiful sleek finish allows our water troughs to double as planters for decorative landscaping.

Ferro Cement Fish Tank

Ferro-cement is essentially an extension of conventional reinforced cement concrete (RCC) technology. As such, all the benefits attributed to use of RCC in construction normally apply to ferro-cement as well. Compared to other cement concrete structures, those made of ferro-cement are light weight (use less material, and therefore, also environmentally benign), tough, durable, crack resistance and can be made into virtually any shape. Finally, it is more economical than other concrete or masonry constructions and can easily be repaired, if necessary.

Ferrocement or ferro-cement is a system of reinforced mortar or plaster (cement, sand and water) applied over layer of metal mesh, woven expanded-metal or metal-fibers and closely spaced thin steel rods such as rebar. We currently offer Ferrocement Fish Water Tank for Biofloc & RAS systems of 4 feet and 6 feet height and customer diameter of Fish Tank.